Online casinos have different types of bonuses which are targeted towards various categories of players. The two important categories of players in the casino are the existing and the new players. For new users who are still confused about the casino to join, they can look out for casinos that offers amazing bonuses like the welcome bonus which is used to introduce them into the fold. The bonus is gifted to the players upon sign up into the casino. There are also other bonuses which you can read about by clicking

Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses is a way a casino gives back to the players in the casino. It is assumed in business that the customer is king and they should be treated as one. The same goes for the casino world. The casino players are king because they are the one playing different games and wagering different amount of money on the casino website. One way of giving back to the players is by gifting them bonuses which has different criteria which are called the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Another way to see the casino bonus is the gift you get as a player for choosing to play in a casino and wager your money with them. However, you need to always read the terms and conditions of the casino before jumping to claim the bonus. It is the terms and conditions that will tell you the category of player eligible to claim the specific bonus. There is also a vital part of the terms and conditions which is the play-through requirement or wagering requirement.


Casino Deposit Bonuses

Casino deposit bonus is a form of bonus that requires you to deposit some amount in your casino account before you can claim the bonus. Most of the available online casino bonuses fall under this category. The casino vendor sets a minimum amount of deposit you can make to be able to claim the bonus. Some casino offers reload bonuses which can be claimed at a day of the week that deposit is made. For instance, you can be given a reload bonus on a Sunday because of the deposit you made.

Another bonus under this is the match bonus which is the dependent on the games played. The casino matches the amount a player puts into a game and the percentage of the amount will be paid to the player. This is only applicable to players that deposit into a game. There is also the Loyalty bonus which is the bonus that focuses also on the existing users. The existing players needs to accumulate comp points overtime. These points can be accumulated by the number of games played and money also wagered.

Casino No Deposit Bonus

This is the opposite of Deposit bonus. Casino No Deposit Bonus does not require you to deposit any amount into your casino account to be able to claim the bonus. This bonus can be claimed by any level of player which can be the high rollers or low stakers. It is assumed to be the best bonus you can claim because your money is not attached to claiming it which means you can get the bonus and not lose any money. This is particularly recommended for newbies who wants to play it safe.

The no deposit bonus can take different forms like the welcome bonus. It is interesting to know that welcome bonus is a form of no deposit bonus because the new player doesn't need to wager any money in the casino before he can claim the bonus. For the new player, all you need do is just to sign-up in the casino of your choice but before you sign up, you also need to consider other factors like the selection of available games in the casino lobby.

Understanding the terms and Conditions.

In this section, we will be discussing the different terms and conditions you need to consider when claiming a bonus. It is also important to point out that some casinos requires their players to provide a bonus code before the bonus is made available to them. You can find the bonus code on the casino website. However, the most important terms and conditions to consider when claiming a bonus is the wagering requirement. The wagering requirement specifies the number of time you must wager in a casino game so that you can withdraw your win.